They say/I say exercise 1 page 113

Some of the connwcting devices in the passage were their, which, that, for instance, e.t.c. All these transitions (connecting devices) helps the reader understand better, and knows what to expect in the next sentence. It also helps the reader to not get confuse in the next sentence, if it is going off subject. Transitions helps the writer to cross from one point to another, instead of being all over the place. One thing that was not used was the word I. Using pointing words help get the reader attention, an example from the book page 113, instead of just the word “this” it is better when used like “this ambivalence toward demoratic societies”. Repecting helps if the reader do not understand it the way one’s writting it, so the same sentence should be repected but in a different, more understandable way.


About marshanae

Hello Ms. Gay I'm a freshmen, from chicago IL, over East. I like to have fun. The reason I choose EIU is because I wanted to experience being at a university. My major is pre-med because i want to become a pediatrican some day. My weakness is talking infront of a crowd, and writing papers. I get frustrated when I do not understand something, but I do not give up. I love basketball and dancing but I'm to shy to do any of them. The first day of class was good, I think I just might like this class.
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